Radicalization armed forces in loyalty West Africa to the IS and al-Qaeda

Young people of the world towards the revival to al-Qaeda - terrorism - In West Africa Burkina Faso, and one after another abduction aimed at the attack and foreigners by armed forces. Also cage forces that lead is pointed out that extremist organization [Islamic State] (IS), the deterioration of security has been a concern. Or attack, aim people died Christ Church in Burkina Faso According to the such as the AFP, the two of Christ Church of the country's northern and this month the day last month day, armed men occurred incident to spree a gun, at least a total of people died. Christians attacked in the city of the north as well on the day, people died. The government has issued a statement of the [terrorist groups for the purpose of dividing us, has a religion to target]. In addition, in the National Park is located along the border with neighboring Benin, French tourist guests has been kidnapped by insurgents earlier this year. French special forces in this month 0 days carrying out the rescue operation. In addition to this person, but it was also rescued Americans and Korean women believed to have been abducted from earlier, personnel who were killed in a firefight in the strategy.

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